Posted by: senseimeri | January 12, 2011

Day Trip to Yokosuka

Last weekend I had a nice three day weekend holiday. I had to work a little, but on Sunday I went on a day trip to Yokosuka city. It was a beautiful day, and the change of scenery was very enjoyable. I arrived there a little late in the afternoon so there was only so much to do but fortunately I was able to enter the Japanese Battleship Mikasa in time before it closed.

Mikasa is the last remaining example of a pre-dreadnought (late 1800) battleship anywhere in the world. It was used during the Japanese-Russo war, and currently is now a museum ship located in Yokosuka. Aboard the ship, there are explanations in both Japanese and English.

Afterwards, I stopped by the “Honeybee” American Diner to eat the famous Yokosuka 1/2 lbs Navy Burger and Chili Dog with a side of sweet lemonade. I felt like I was in the US! I guess this restaurant has been around for over 40 years started from a Japanese owner. I thought that was pretty amazing that it has so much history.

As I walked around the city, the people in Yokosuka, and shops, the restaurants and bars, everything seemed very different than what I expected. First of all, the air didn’t smell like the sea even though Yokosuka is located near the water. Second, the people in Yokosuka were mostly Japanese, with scattered foreigners and children of foreigners, but I expected to see more. But the bars and restaurants and shops shows that indeed there are many foreigners, because it was very different that a typical Japanese street. Some time in the future, I hope to have the chance to enter an American bar and see what the environment is like. I wonder how Japanese people view and/or think of Yokosuka…? I felt that Yokosuka area was very different compared to Yokota Air Base, which is where I was born. In any case, it is always interesting to see the mixture of cultures in one small area in various parts of Japan. 🙂

three day weekend: 3日間週末休み

change of scenery: 毎日の生活や雰囲気と違う

only so much: 少ない

side of: と一緒うに

pretty: けっこう (きれいと意味は違います)

compared to:比べると


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