Posted by: senseimeri | February 1, 2011

Natural Health

(Photo: My healthy delicious lunch of the day!)

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all been healthy and well, and protecting yourself from the cold weather 🙂

This weeks theme (or should I say the recent theme in my life) is Natural Health & Medicine.

Lately, there has been an increase of things around me having to do with this topic, so that is why I decided to write a blog about it. Do you know the difference between modern medicine and traditional medicine? Modern medicine is the most common form of medicine today which includes internal medicine doctors whom are commonly available at hospitals around the country in Japan and also in USA. Traditional medicine includes specialists such as herbal, Ayurveda (originated from India), acupuncture (originated from China), massage, etc.

Recently I have been very lucky to be surrounded by people who are involved with something to do with natural health and medicine, and it is very interesting for me to learn about different types of medicine and thinking. From these experiences, I have come to learn about interesting products.

Here I share with you an interesting powder made from Yacon/Yakon potatoes. It is known to be a very healing vegetable from South America. I have been drinking this tea for about 2 weeks and I have been told that my face color looks good lately. Maybe its already working from the inside out. This powder is very delicious inside any food or drink such as ginger tea, coffee, yogurt, cookies, anything! Its so easy to use and tastes good, so that is why I am very fond of this product. I am so lucky to be able to try such interesting natural remedies :)


Here is a very special essential oil that I received as a gift. Its main ingredient is very high quality olive oil and other essential oils and has a very pleasant rose fragrance. I started using this a few days ago as an after-shower moisturizer and skin detox solution. The results are amazing, my skin is smooth and when i started using it for my face I felt that it protected my skin, and it just felt so natural. I also felt the fragrance gave an aromatherapy effect so that is also a plus. I also make my own lotion, but I can say that this product is definitely a very welcomed addition to my daily routine. I can’t wait to see further results! 😀

For about a week, I have been also taking these nutritional supplements. These are very good for women’s health and beauty, and I am happy to take them, as I am very motivated to continue taking care of my health! 🙂

This weekend, I was also lucky to go to a very unique organic restaurant, which I will share in my next blog. Until then, stay warm, and eat healthy! Have a nice week!




  1. Meri sensei,
    Glad to hear that “Yacon” is working for you! When we make bread, we put Yacon powder in instead of suger. Also, when you make curry, add Yacon too. There are many ways to use it!
    Its not well known yet but hopefully everyone will drink Yacon tea or use Yacon powder to maintain everyone’s health!

    Rakuten shop:
    Direct online:

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