Posted by: senseimeri | February 14, 2011

Valentines Day & Chocolate

Hello everyone! How is your valentines day going?

As you may of may not have heard, Valentines day in the USA is a day for couples. Usually, both the man and woman give each other gifts or maybe go out somewhere to eat dinner and celebrate.

Do you know why people give chocolates on Valentines day and how it originated? No one knows for sure. But one idea that I find interesting is that chocolate is known to produce a stimulating effect by helping the body to release endorphins (a.k.a. happy good feelings) . Therefore, if couples eat chocolate on Valentines day, their moods are probably elevated by the chocolate, therefore couples are probably generally more happy and romantic. I wonder if it is true or not. Why do you think people give chocolate on Valentines day??

In any case, Happy Valentines Day!!! Eat lots of chocolate and be happy~


endorphins   エンドルフィン     ドーパミン

How is your valentines day going? あなたに対してのバレンタインデーはどうですか?

elevated moods   機嫌がいい



  1. It’s snowing!
    Today is a White Valentine’s Day!!

    I want a girlfriend. (T_T)

  2. There is no special event in my valentines day in this year too 


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