Posted by: senseimeri | April 7, 2011

National Bakesale for Japan!

It has been almost a month since the big earthquake and tsunami that happened on March 11th. Many things have changed and continue to change for us all here in Japan and also people throughout the world. I just returned to Tokyo after my 2nd trip to USA within the past month, and I have got to say, Tokyo feels different now that I have returned. I can feel that people are still very tired compared to one month ago, but Japanese people are trying to stay strong and move through life one day at a time. I think it is a very important for people to stay strong during these times, and I am anxious to see what new progress Japan and people living in Japan will go through from now on.

While I was in last week, I saw many people trying to raise money for Japan and one of the ways I discovered was a bakesale.

What is a bakesale? It is an event where people sell baked goods such asย cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, etc. and it is usually baked in homes or restaurants and sold to customers. On April 2nd, there was a nation-wide bakesale held by volunteers around the country to help raise money to donate to Japan’s earthquake and tsunami victims. So far, they have raised $124,120.38!

My friend and I also bought some baked goods. I had a tough time choosing but I finally found some shortbread cookies that looked yummy.

Guava, mango, chocolate, & green tea w lemon macaroons $5.00

Dark chocolate cherry shortbread $10.00

See how much the world loves Japan? ๐Ÿ˜€ Japan is a wonderful country and I love Japan too ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, I look forward to seeing my wonderful students again soon! Stay strong, and have a nice weekend!


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